FinCrime Platform

The FinCrime platform aims to be an innovative platform for Romania, providing the following information:

  • it establishes a common database of worldwide statistics on economic and financial crime, including various European, national, regional and county levels.
  • it allows the calculation of an economic-financial crime score that provides a global assessment of the volume of economic and financial crime for the main types of crimes (corruption, shadow economy, money laundering and cybercrime) - later on we intend to add others.
  • it makes a forecast of the crime-related risks associated with companies and industries.
  • it provides an overview of geographical areas (regions, countries, counties of Romania) prone to a higher risk of crime, respectively a higher risk of non-compliance with laws, regulations and contracts (compliance risk).
  • it makes interactive maps that allow to easily visualize the level of economic and financial crime for the world, Europe, national and county level.

The beneficiaries / users of the FinCrime platform will be classified on three levels, depending on the differentiated level of the degree of restriction to the data inside.

Level 1

General level addressed to the public.

Level 2

Professional level addressed to business partners.

Level 3

Professional level addressed to public institutions.